Human Movement

Get deep insights into health based on the way you move. Collect lab-grade data in the field to optimize performance, reduce injury, monitor rehab, and quantify load.

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Quantified Movement

Introducing the Tiga-Edge platform – innovative hardware meets advanced software to give you data on every move you make.


The Tiga-Edge Platform brings cutting edge analytics to human motion. As the first system of its kind, it allows never-before-seen insights into the way we move and gets more intelligent the more it’s used. Our teams are our most important assets – when it comes to their health, don’t settle for approximations.


We want our teams to do their best work. The Tiga-Edge platform lets us see what optimal performance looks like on an individual level. Tailor assignments based on factors like strength, fatigue, load and environment. With our metrics, know when to to pull back and when to drive forward.


Don’t let injury be the end of the road. After a setback, get back on your feet with the Tiga-Edge platform. Track progress along your recovery timeline and identify healthy goals. Prevent re-injury by recognizing the warning signs well before issues arise. Get back to work or back on the field with confidence.

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