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AI driven insights

For recovery, health and fitness

Plantiga provides a movement analytics software platform powered by state-of-the-art instrumented insoles.

We’ve created a tool to support the lower limb injury rehabilitation process by capturing data at the source — directly underneath the foot. From ACL tears to broken ankles, our algorithms deliver actionable recovery progress and reinjury risk insights to patients and clinicians.

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By collecting high fidelity data from each foot strike, we can quantify movement quality indicators that might otherwise escape notice, with serious consequences.

We use AI to classify movements like running, walking and jumping while flagging abnormalities and predicting recovery progress.

A secure cloud-based system means that data can be collected and analyzed on virtually any platform.

Guide rehabilitation

Quantify Return to Health

Track the rehabilitation journey.

Monitor progress to drive improvement.

Tailor recovery goals based on objective feedback.

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Using the Plantiga platform, quantify the return to health process by measuring movement quality.

Analyze progress through different rehabilitation phases with the aid of machine learning algorithms. Clear patients for return to activity with confidence.

Manage Injuries

Support sustainable health

Establish healthy baseline movement patterns

See the warning signs of impending injuries

Change course with healthier alternatives

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By comparing current movement quality to an established baseline, injury predictors and abnormal patterns can be detected and flagged.

Intervention through rest or alternative activities can happen before injuries occur or unhealthy movement compensation starts.

Monitor movement beyond rehab to create a foundation for long-term health and fitness.

What we measure

Metrics that drive our insights

All of our recovery, health and fitness intelligence models are built upon the metrics our sensor insoles produce. Based on these metrics, and the changes in their patterns, we work to predict an event or forecast an outcome based on the data we have.

Powered by artificial intelligence, these metrics feed our analytics machine and drive deep insights into human movement.

Asymmetry load

Total load

Contact time

Flight time

Rotational force

Landing force

Acceleration time

Vertical force

Horizontal force

Our platform

Get Deeper Insights Into Movement

Data quality means everything to us, and it starts with our sensor insole. We collect tens of thousands of data points per second and can keep gathering data for hours. Data points are time synchronized across both feet, giving us high-fidelity data on every foot’s strike.


  • 5 hours of use per charge
  • Ultra-safe, travel-ready battery
  • Fully charged in less than 15 minutes
  • Sizes 7-18 supported
  • Fits underneath orthotic or can be used in place of current insole
  • Flexible, thin and comfortable


  • Sprinting
  • Jumping
  • Walking
  • Change of direction
  • Movement classification
  • AI driven analytics

Analytics dashboard

  • Tag specific motions
  • Compare athletes
  • Establish baselines
  • Reporting
  • Timing
  • Complete session analysis
  • Readiness score


  • Recovery timeline progression
  • Injury & reinjury risk warning
  • Injury impact minimization
  • Injury recognition
  • Health optimization



We collect data in partnership with other biomechanical labs, validating our algorithms alongside industry leaders.

To uphold our commitment to the highest quality data, we have built our very own in-house biomechanics lab with dual force plates, a motion capture system, timing gates, and other cutting-edge technology.


We measure and quantify all types of human movement. While our first set of customers are rehabilitation and physiotherapy clinics, we are putting our platform to work in different areas for elite athletes, healthcare professionals, military personnel, and consumers.

If you are interested in partnering with us in any of the areas below, or if you have another great idea for collaboration, please get in touch.

  • Occupational health & safety
  • Screening for injury risk
  • Fall prevention of the elderly
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Biometric identification & authentication
  • Tracking disease progression
  • Applied research

About us

Best dang team in the whole world

Plantiga is a human analytics company based in Vancouver, Canada. We have been working on gait analytics, sensors and instrumented footwear for over 10 years; from university projects to early instrumented footwear prototypes to our modern sensor insole. The company was founded by Quin Sandler and his father, Norman McKay.

We are a team of applied sports scientists, software engineers, biomechanists, kinesiologists, data scientists and hardware engineers. We are a highly ambitious group working to change the world.

Our goal is simple: to build the most comprehensive, intelligent system that monitors, analyzes and predicts human movement for recovery, health and fitness.

Quin Sandler


Sean Ross-Ross


Dr. Matt Jordan

Performance + Science

Kay Penney


Robert Wiltshire

Design + Creative

Umar Qureshi


CJ Karrer

Customer + Strategy

Fainne Martin

Accounting + Admin

Andrew Hollister


Derek Ludwig


Mohammad Amini


Rowan Skye


Marion Stieber


Eric Dorflinger


Lauren Fridman


Health & Performance Advisory Board

Paul Robbins

Data Analyst, NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL and more

Nico Berg

Physiotherapist & Clinic Owner, Lynn Valley Physiotherapy

Dr. Kaila Holtz

Physiatrist & Chief Medical Advisor, Alan McGavin Sports Medicine

Steve Smith

Health & Performance, Senior Director Washington Wizards

Brandon McDaniel

Director, Health and Performance Science, Los Angeles Dodgers

Dr. Jordan Shlain

Physician and Healthcare Entrepreneur

Tim DiFrancesco

Former Head S&C Coach, LA Lakers

Peter Rizun

Motion Capture, Sensors and Hardware Specialist



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