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Smart footwear inserts | Prevent injury and reduce costs | Debug, fix and optimize performance, health and productivity | Quantify rehab | Stay Balanced


Every foot strike produces a wealth of actionable data. 

Record it. Read it. Review it.  

Introducing the Tiga™ Platform. 

 Measuring dynamic movement in-situ is what Plantiga is all about. 

Ground reaction force (GRF) produces some of the most critical data in understanding human biomechanics and the science of sport. Today, the only way to measure this gravity vector is by stepping, walking, running or jumping on a force plate in a human performance lab. That is is an expensive proposition. 

What happens in the lab does not translate well to real-world situations and game play - either on the court or in the field. 

Now, picture being able to capture, in real-time, this highly actionable data for each player, each practice, each game.  The Tiga™ Platform provides a tool set for better decision making for players, coaches and the entire organization.

More than sports, this platform is applicable in healthcare, rehabilitation, logistics, biometrics and beyond. 

Record it. Read it. Review it. The new three R's. 


Data = insights

"It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data"

- Sir Arthur Conan Doyle




Tiga-Edge   |   Footwear Insert

Our first product is the Tiga-Edge™, which is an ultra-thin, low profile, insert with a built-in proprietary gravity vector sensor array (GVSA). It enables the real-time analysis of ground reaction force, and other biomechanical metrics. It's tough, waterproof, shockproof, wireless, chargeable and Bluetooth LE enabled – a complete out of the box solution. 

The Tiga-Edge™ is an elite wearable device. It stretches beyond  a pressure based solution, utilizing custom gravity vector systems combined with deep learning and cloud software analytics. The Tiga-Edge brings force plate grade data to the masses via a super high-tech, low cost footwear insert. 


Tiga-Insights   |   Analytic Software

Utilizing cutting edge algorithms, in development over the last 3 years at the University of Victoria, Tiga-Insights™ is a cross platform analytic engine based on deep and machine learning, and artificial intelligence. 

Drawing human performance metrics from the Tiga-Edge™ insert, the Tiga™ Platform is a new tool in sports science. 


The Tiga-Edge™ is only the beginning. We are developing a suite of fully integrated smart and connected footwear products. 

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Getting a Handle on Newton's 3rd Law

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. The interactions between the body and the ground are measured in ground reaction force (GRF) – what the ground is doing to you. The Tiga™ Platform gives you the measure of GRF's, enabling insight into a range of critical data points. 


Baseline & Performance

Benchmark performance metrics with single / double leg jumps, lateral hopping, acceleration, deceleration, contact time, sprints and more.


Readiness & Rehab

Get quantifiable, unbiased, data on readiness tied to the mechanics of the ankle, knee, hip and muscle initiations. Measure gait mechanics throughout the rehab process, mitigating the risk of re-injury.


Alignment & Posture

Good posture is essential in order to have the load on all bearing joints distributed evenly. Monitor when the body has obtained its strongest position. 


Steps & Mechanics

Breakdown how an athlete moves, step-by-step. Identify and perfect the optimal Center of Pressure (CoP), Center of Mass (CoM) and Path of Motion (PoM), throughout each step, and for each move.


Fatigue & Energy

Measure biomechanical fatigue, marking it's onset in real-time. Get signalled before performance levels are reduced, or an injury is incurred. 


Power & Speed

Tiga™ measures GRF's, which  produce the best metric to look at agility, speed and power, reducing noise to signal ratio (Mz, My & Mx). Analyze force in 3-dimensional space (Fz, Fy & Fx). Work towards optimized force profiles. 


Asymmetry & Analysis

Discover the biomechanical changes an athlete undergoes through monitoring load asymmetries while walking, running, jumping and more. 


Stability & Balance

Evaluate baseline balance, strength and recovery time, and note the individual's preferred asymmetries. Review torque, angular displacement, rotation inertia and other dynamics. 



Applications in Sport


Applications in Health


Applications in the Enterprise



Quin Sandler, CEO

Quin has been a serial entrepreneur for over 13 years. His background is rooted in design, both graphic, industrial and web, as well as marketing, sales and product development. Prior to Plantiga, Quin founded the Principe Design Group, a branding and identity company, Keystone Learning, a mobile tutoring start-up, and FestThis.com, a live video production studio. 



Sergio was trained as a process engineer, working in various roles within the mining sector involving analytics, simulation and project management. Moving into software development, Sergio is now a mobile engineer with a specialization in iOS development and database. 


Jungmin Cha, Software ENGINEER

Jungmin is a developer who appreciates complicated logic behind simple looking features. He joins Plantiga in building the system's backend, database and server. 


Colin Fitzgerald, CTO

Colin has an extensive background in electronics, PCB and circuit design, manufacturing technology, software development, micro controllers and sensor design. He's been involved in technology commercialization and product development for over 15 years. Through his previous start-up, PlaceDroid, Colin worked with many hardware companies around North America. 


Gavin Maguire, Product Designer

Gavin previously worked in both the digital health and financial tech sectors as well as with some of the top digital agencies in Vancouver. A current rugby player and previous team manager, Gavin is right at home combining his passions of competitive sports and interactive design.


Dr. Matt Jordan, Olympic Coach

Matt Jordan is a global authority on asymmetry monitoring, and its use as a predictor of injury. He's an Olympic coach, and a Director of Sports Science for Alpine Canada. He has been consulting with Olympic athletes including more than 30 Olympic and World Championship medalists since 1998.



Gary joined the Los Angeles Lakers prior to the 1984-85 campaign. Since his arrival in Los Angeles, the Lakers have won eight NBA championships (1985, 1987, 1988, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2009 and 2010), thanks in no small part to the health of such players as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson, Shaquille O'Neal, Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and numerous others.



Paul is the Director of Elite Performance at STATS, the official data partner of the NBA and NFL. He consults on data analysis with many teams in the NBA, NFL, MLS and NCAA. He works with the US National Women's and Mens Soccer teams. Paul has been consulting pro and amateur teams for over 20 years. 


DR. jordan shlain, MD

Dr. Shlain is the founder and chairman of Healthloop, a cutting edge startup pushing the boundaries of cloud based medical follow-ups. He's the founder of Private Medical and the Medical Advisor to the renowned Anderson Cancer Center. Jordan brings a wealth of experience in healthcare and technology. 


Tim DiFrancesco, Strength Coach, L.A. Lakers

Tim is now in his 5th season with the Lakers. He serves as the head strength and conditioning coach for the team, working closely with Gary Vitti on all aspects of the players health and performance. He also runs TD Athlete's Edge, a sports performance company that focused on training, recovery, nutrition and more. 


Matt chapdelaine, pro athlete & Coach

Matt has played football for the BC Lions as a wide receiver. He has coached at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, a member of the NCAA. Matt is a well respected coach across various sports, giving clinics around the US and Canada. He brings a wealth of experience in the sports and rehab domain. 

Dr. Issa Traore, P. ENG, Data Scientist

Dr. Traore has a doctorate in software engineering, with a wealth of experience in network security, behavioral biometric technologies, gait algorithms, software quality engineering, machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence.

Dr. geoffrey allan gray, heeluxe

Dr. Geoffrey Gray brings 10+ years of experience in sport performance analysis, athlete rehabilitation and physiotherapy. He is the owner/operator of Heeluxe, a biomechanical and footwear testing facility in Santa Barbara, and co-owner of the Elite Performance and Rehabilitation Center.



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