You know your team better than anyone else. Now get the insights you need to help them perform their best. We work with coaches and trainers, officers and managers, therapists and physicians – experts who know the value of authentic data and use it to take decisive action.


The Tiga-Edge platform was designed with elite athletes in mind. Measure strength and fatigue where it counts – at the source and on the field. Determine ideal load and force profiles. The combination of our analyses and coaching expertise can maximize player output while minimizing injury and downtime.


There are many opportunities to integrate the Tiga-Edge™ platform into existing military physical assessment protocols. Quantify strength, fatigue and external load to minimize unknowns for troops operating under extreme conditions.

Health & Wellness

The Tiga-Edge™ platform provides critical tools for physiotherapists and clinicians to manage recovery. Get unbiased data on rehabilitation progress based on gait mechanics and limb asymmetry. Eliminate guesswork by comparing performance to defined baselines. Whether the goal is return to play or to work, mitigate the risk of re-injury with a fully informed treatment strategy.

Occupational Health & Safety

The Tiga-Edge™ platform can become an indispensable part of your workplace health and safety protocols. Monitor employee fatigue and identify job functions that cause work overload. Assign duties based on cumulative output for maximum efficiency.

Research & Custom Solutions

Study human movement in depth with Tiga-Edge™ platform. Compare the effects of different variables on representative motions and visualize patterns over time. Use our analytical metrics to make predictions and validate your results with high accuracy.

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