Plantiga is on a mission to bring lab grade gait analytics outside the lab. By doing this, we enable one of the best lenses into human health: the way a human walks, runs and moves about in life.

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An ultrathin insole houses all instrumentation in a compact package while providing high-performance shock absorption.

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Cloud-based, machine learning algorithms analyze data acquired by the world’s most compact motion tracking sensor.

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Actionable insights based on metrics developed by leading biomechanics researchers are delivered via our mobile app.

Tiga Insights

The Tiga Insights app is designed to translate our insole sensor outputs into actionable biomechanical data. We make it easy to visualize performance, quantify work, and compare metrics across time, giving you the tools you need to make critical decisions.

Run individual jump or sprint assessments to benchmark performance. Monitor external load over the entirety of a game or training session to determine cumulative output. Tiga Insights uses machine learning paired with cutting-edge algorithms to classify and measure a wide range of human movement with high accuracy.

iPad App Screen
iPad App Screen

Get representative ground reaction force metrics to enhance conversations around performance and make data-driven decisions.

  • cumulative external load
  • ground contact time
  • movement asymmetries
  • jump height
  • change of direction
  • flight time
  • right/left leg acceleration
  • impact force

Our intuitive platform is usable straight out of the box – no calibration required. Easily set up a team roster with individual profiles. Pair insoles to start collecting data immediately. The app is mobile, tablet, and PC compatible, allowing our analytics to be easily integrated with your current technological setup.

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