Our Tiga-Edge™ platform goes above and beyond GPS, video motion tracking, force plate technology, collecting 3D ground reaction force data with ultra-thin insoles and using cutting-edge algorithms to produce clear and useful metrics. Our platform does more than just aggregate data – it captures it at the source.

Injury Prevention

Having a healthy team is critical to accomplishing your goals. Injury causes lost productivity, on the field or on the job, and the cost of injury compounds over time. Avoid lost time and money by identifying risk factors and taking steps to prevent injury before it can have a negative impact. Keep your team healthy to keep ahead of the game.

Baseline Performance

So many factors, from fatigue and strength to time and environment, combine to influence individual performance. This can make it challenging to objectively compare work from one day to the next. Our platform provides the solution with short and long term trending and clear visualizations of baselines and deviations. Know exactly how your team is performing at every moment.

Return to Play

How do we know when someone has fully healed from an injury and is ready to get back to work or get back on the field? The answer lies in monitoring representative metrics during the recovery process and comparing current markers with past averages. Being able to track quantifiable progress during treatment is invaluable in making return-to-duty decisions with confidence.

Fatigue Monitoring

Your team is always pushing their limits and exceeding expectations, but overexertion quickly leads to burnout and injury. Get key indicators of fatigue at its onset to know when rest is called for and know when energy is back to baseline. Using simple assessments, individually tailor workload based on fatigue levels to improve strength and efficiency without adverse effects.

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