Tiga-Edge   |   Footwear Insert

Our first product is the Tiga-Edge™, which is an ultra-thin, low profile, insert with a built-in proprietary gravity vector sensor array (GVSA). It enables the real-time analysis of ground reaction force, and other biomechanical metrics. It's tough, waterproof, shockproof, wireless, chargeable and Bluetooth LE enabled – a complete out of the box solution. 

The Tiga-Edge™ is an elite wearable device. It stretches beyond  a pressure based solution, utilizing custom gravity vector systems combined with deep learning and cloud software analytics. The Tiga-Edge brings force plate grade data to the masses via a super high-tech, low cost footwear insert. 


Tiga-Insights   |   Analytic Software

Utilizing cutting edge algorithms, in development over the last 3 years at the University of Victoria, Tiga-Insights™ is a cross platform analytic engine based on deep and machine learning, and artificial intelligence. 

Drawing human performance metrics from the Tiga-Edge™ insert, the Tiga™ Platform is a new tool in sports science. 


The Tiga-Edge™ is only the beginning. We are developing a suite of fully integrated smart and connected footwear products.