The Joy of Hard Tests

Over the last 8 months, we've been developing and testing out different hardware paths. This has been both exhilarating, and daunting. Each time we get our hands a new SoC (system on chip) we have to write our firmware.

This takes time, but each time we are getting closer to an industrial grade product that can withstand the type of beating our sensor array's are getting. 

It continues to be a super fun ride; we wouldn't have it any other way. There is something amazing that happens when you develop algorithms that one, work, and two, are robust.

Here are some shots from The Lab:

Hardware really is about the data you get from it, and this becomes clearer every day. Hardware is a means to an end, where the analysis of the data, and the context in which it is set, makes it or breaks it. 

With every passing hour, we are getting closer in on a manufacturable product. Below is a nice little shot of our CTO, Colin, in the lab, working away, testing some new hardware. 


Thanks to Colin, we've been rolling our own boards to aid in the development process (dev. boards always have pretty lights). 

New 2015 Direction – The Tiga™ Platform


We've been developing smart and connected footwear for several years now. During that time, we've come to several key conclussions, many breakthroughs and a singular pivot. 

We've miniaturized the SUSPND™ platform, building it out as a tough, smart insert called the Tiga-Edge. That, coupled with the algorithm work we've been doing with the University of Victoria for the last 3 years on gait biometric algorithms - sets the stage for us to build out, and launch, the Tiga™ Platform in 2015.

The vision remains the same - we are all about connected and smart footwear, and see it as a pillar of the IoT word in the years to come. Our insert is the first product in our hardware line, which will be followed by further insert technology, as well as our fully integrated SUSPND footwear system. 

The Tiga-Edge is an elite wearable combined with analytic software, aimed at  groups and teams to help them monitor, and evaluate, human performance, health and productivity. 

We are very excited for 2015,